What # Dog Clipper Blade Should I Use?

thebestdogclippers.comHi there, have you purchase your best dog clippers yet? I hope everyone is having fun grooming!  I have been getting some emails lately about which clipper blades to use for different breeds and tasks.  Well, you are definitely not alone, when I first started grooming my golden retriever, I was totally confused.  With so many clipper blades to choose from, trying to figure out which will work best can be a hassle.  But don’t worry, I am here to help you out!  First, You should keep this simple rule in mind, the higher the blade number, the shorter the hair will be.  When you purchase a dog clipper, the #10 blade usually come with it. Because it is the most common clipper blade, and it works well on most breeds.  But the most commonly used one may not be the one that your dog need, choosing the right blade is equally important to purchasing your professional dog clipper.

Different Kinds of Clipper Blades

  • #15 – It is often used for clipper work on parts like tail, feet, and face when the #10 blade cannot provide the smoothness that you need.
  • #7 – the #7 blade is ideal for breeds with extremely heavy matted coat.  It is a great choice for penetrating the thickest part of dog fur.  But when using this blade be very careful because it has a wider spacing in between the teeth and if not careful, it will cut your dog’s skin.
  • #5 – The #5 blade is good for breeds with slightly matted coat such as Bichons and Poodles.
  • #30 – This blade is useful when clipping hair from cropped-eared breeds.  But make sure you do not use this blade on breeds with sensitive skin.

Equip Proper Blades for Your Best Dog Clippers!

Most of the time I use the #10 blade that come with the Oster A5.  It gets the job done most of the time for my golden retriever and britney spaniel.  I also have a #15 blade to shave their ears, feet, paws, and bottom.  It makes the job easier and I can cut through their hairs more precisely.  It all comes down to which breed of dog you have and what brand of the dog clipper you have, either Oster or Andis, they all come with their own line of professional clipper blades.  Remember to choose the proper blades for the task you wish to perform as it will make grooming your dog a much more joyful.   I also have an article on maintaining the dog clipper which in the end it’s all about maintaining the clipper blade to save more money, you can read it here.  And if you wish to purchase any of the blades I recommend above, Amazon has the best place to buy them, CLICK HERE.

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