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Hi there, my name is Leslie and I have been grooming two of my dogs for about 4 years now.  I used to spend about $400 a year on each of my dog hiring private pet groomer.  That’s about $800 in saving each year!  I was frustrated at first trying to find the best dog clipper that fit my need, and that’s why I built this site to help you avoid that problem.   I have wasted money buying dog clipper that simply does not work well at all, and I don’t want that to happen to you.  The single most important thing when choosing a dog clipper to me is the motor, and there are only two companies out on the market able to offer the kind of performance we need – Oster and Andis.  There is also another company called Wahl making a few mid-range level canine clippers, but it is hard to compare its performance and power to the previous two.  Go ahead and check out the dog clipper reviews I have put together for Oster and Andis, or you can check out some of the grooming tips and guides in my blog.  If you are lazy like me and want to go right into buying a professional pet clipper, I have recommended 3 top of the line clippers on amazon that you will not go wrong with it.   Your pet is waiting! Get the best dog clipper you need and start saving $$$ and don’t forget to have fun grooming too!

Groom You Own Dog and Save $!

  • Don’t waste your money by settling with low-powered clippers, go with Oster or Andis professional dog clippers and be glad you did! 
  • For heavy duty users, go with ceramic blades as it will allow you to work longer.  Oster Kool Lube also provides instant cooling and lubrication for your dog clipper.

best1oster a6

Best Oster Dog Clippers

Oster A6 Heavy Duty Dog Clippers


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andis 22360Best Andis Dog Clippers

Andis 22360 AGC Professional Dog Clippers


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andis super agrBest Cordless + Rechargeable Dog Clippers

Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Rechargeable Clipper

“Best Cordless Professional Dog Clippers”


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